Change is the process by which the future invades our lives.

Alvin Toffler


aQintus can help you implement your Business Transformation in a number of ways.  We can take a lead role or manage one of the project streams within the program.  We can also undertake a specific task within the program such as Business Process Re-engineering or User Acceptance Testing.

Lead the Business Transformation

aQintus can build an entire Business Transformation team comprising resources from your business and from aQintus’ trusted network.  aQintus has the capability to lead the overall program of work and to provide leaders and resources for the business analysis, change management and technology streams through its trusted network of consultants.

Lead a Project Stream

aQintus can also build teams for a specific project stream within the program.  In this instance, our project team will deliver a specific project outcome that contributes to the benefits of the overall program.

Business Process Re-engineering

aQintus can reengineer an organization’s business processes.  The re-engineering may focus on a specific set of processes or may be part of a larger program.

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