Strategy Consulting

Those that implement the plans must make the plans.

Patrick E. Haggerty, Founder, Texas Instruments

Our focus is on the delivery of Business Transformation programs to impact the bottom line.  Before we can delivery value, however, we must first create the source of the value and plan the delivery of the value.

aQintus uses a modern strategy development methodology and frameworks that help our client identify strategic opportunities, determine the size of the prize and develop a roadmap for harvesting the prize.  Our strategy development is pragmatic and does away with the jargon and fluff that plagues many strategic analyses.

We believe our strategy development capability is superior because of our excellence in delivery.  We know how to ensure that our strategy is actually implementable.  We focus on the “how better?” and not just on the “why?” questions.

Operations Strategy

At times, our clients need an external perspective on the state of their operations.  Our approach to developing an operations strategy begins with an understanding of the corporate strategy and the internalization of where the executive team wishes the organization to be in three and five years.  We review the current operations to identify improvement opportunities.  Each opportunity is assessed against the organization’s strategic intent and a case for change is developed for it.  Options analysis is crisp and based on real business scenarios.  Typically, we will identify a significant improvement to the bottom line.

Information and Communications Technology Strategy

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has become a critical driver of the success of most businesses.  ICT is fast changing and organizations that fail to review their technology assets on a regular basis risk being leap frogged by their competitors.  aQintus assists its clients to review the value being derived from their ICT assets.  Our approach assesses the current ICT infrastructure against the corporate and business unit strategies.  Gaps in the alignment between these are identified and a cost/benefit analysis is conducted to define the value of change.

Business Case Development

Our business cases incorporate a level of rigor that provide executives the confidence to decide on a particular course of action.  Our contingency analysis ensures that risks are properly costed and that elements of the Business Solution that are yet to be clarified have been estimated and that assumptions are reasonable and can be tracked.  We excel at business case development.

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